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Pop Boutique Pop Boutique | Recycling Vintage & Retro Clothing from the 50's ,60's,70's and 80's. vintage dresses manchester

We aim to do the Manchester Wedding Dresses experience a little differently. With a more easy-going approach, we are friendly, stylish and just a bit quirky. Navigation. The Case Of The Curious Bride. We also have a choice of original, pre-loved vintage dresses to choose from.

The vintage look is never too playful or serious - it’s always just right. Getting dressed in the morning is fun when your wardrobe is filled with colorful, retro pieces perfect for mixing and matching. Browse Unique Vintage’s own brand of Unique Vintage dresses, .

Recycling Vintage Clothing from the 1960s 70s,80s and 90s. Shops in Leeds, London, Manchester, Liverpool UK and Gothenburg Sweden. The home of the pop boutique brand.