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A Salem and Sabrina short story, a sabrina the teenage witch fanfic | FanFiction sabrina erotic story

Emma brings Kiernan to the Lodge as her new protege. Marcus and Joan In which things get complicated. Sabrina and Kelly spend some quality time together. A bet between Sabrina and Kris leads to strange dreams. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Next door to us were Sam and Kathy, and their little girl Sabrina. Sabrina was as sweet as they come and was their only child and the pair of psychiatrists spoiled her rotten, but her disposition was still sweet and she was a good kid, just turning 8 a few months after we moved in next door.

Babysitting Sabrina. By. Jan. Sabrina worshipped her next door neighbor Jane. She had babysat for her from the time she was a baby. To the innocent young girl having a girl almost ten years older than her to confide in was the coolest thing in her life. She would do anything Jane asked of her.