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Lesbian Land 2250, Chapter 6 (The Yellow Collar Club-Pee) by Ginger Winters (This is an on going story about Cindy and her adventures in Lesbian Land. Please read the first part, Lesbian Land 2250 -ASSM Sept. 2000. Also, I apologize for the odd spelling and grammar error, but not for the hardcore sexual nature of the story.).

The masters or mistresses in this area were all busy pissing on the prisoners or receiving a post piss tongue cleaning. Each prisoner also was wearing a yellow collar and wrist and ankle shackles, and each was not only covered from top to bottom in yellow pee, but also was kneeling on a pee covered floor. The smell in that area was horrible.

FetishSis Piss Ch. 01. He wanted to be naked with just the collar on." "That one guy I met drank my piss," said Kathy. "He was into all kinds of strange things. Her stream of urine was like a dam bursting, gushing forth in a yellow flood. It filled my mouth quickly and I swallowed a huge gulp of her salty piss. She was letting her.