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According to research from Princeton University "pre-ejaculatory fluid is released from the male urethra in amounts of up to 4 ml during sexual arousal, prior to ejaculation". It originates from.

Sperm comes out of the penis when a man has an orgasm; an orgasm is an intense and very pleasurable physiological event that results in ejaculation. Ejaculation means that semen is .

Pre-ejaculatory fluid is secreted by twin structures called the Cowper's glands. These glands are tiny, and they are located at the base of the penis. The fluid they make lubricates the urethra and facilitates semen flow during ejaculation. Pre-ejaculatory fluid starts to seep out during sexual arousal, so it comes out when he's erect. Sexual activity is not necessary to initiate the secretion of the fluid, but it will .