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Jul 24, 2018 · We are going to talk about the problem of Sexual Immorality. I won't leave you hanging though. ("Debunking the 7 Myths that Deny Biblical Truth" Series) Top 10 Most Evil Children In.

Dec 17, 2010 · Sexual Immorality in the Scriptures. When speaking of the issue of sinful expressions of sexuality, the New Testament consistently uses the Greek word porneia (from which we get our English word “pornography”). This word is translated in the English Standard Version, the translation that we use at The Village Church, as “sexual immorality.”.

Embrace the truth; reject these 10 myths about lust. All truth is from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit. Therefore, the pursuit of truth must be by the Spirit, through the Son, to the Father. you lust because you desire sexual immorality. Desiring sexual immorality is the opposite of desiring marriage. Top Posts & Pages.