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Sore Breasts and Menopause: Know the Facts swollen breast and nipples

Nipple problems include discharge, irritation, cracking, and swelling, and can occur in both men and women. an injury to the breast tissue; Your nipples can become irritated, sore, or even Author: Elea Carey.

Sep 21, 2019 · Breast Cancer. If a woman experiences chronic and severe pain in the breast, she needs to contact her doctor immediately. Swollen breasts, along with severe pain, could be a symptom of breast cancer. The woman may also have pain in the upper arm, painful nipples or areola, and lumps in the breasts. Treatments for Swollen Breasts. 1. Visit a Doctor.

Dec 08, 2016 · 10 Reasons Why Your Nipples Hurt | Sensitive, Sore, Swollen, Tender Nipples 1. Menstrual Cycles. Many women experience sore breasts or nipples during their menstrual cycle. This is because the fluctuation in hormones cause so many changes within the breasts: mammary glands swell, which may also make your breasts feel heavy and dense.