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Mar 23, 2017 · Planning to have a vaginal birth? Here’s what you can expect before, during and after this type of labor and delivery. After nine months, you know what to expect from pregnancy — but what about when you’re laboring and delivering? While every vaginal birth is different, here’s what you can Author: Colleen,De Bellefonds, Colleen.

A vaginal delivery is the birth of offspring (babies in humans) in mammals through the vagina.It is the natural method of birth for all mammals except monotremes, which lay eggs into the external environment.The average length of a hospital stay for a normal vaginal delivery is 36–48 hours or with an episiotomy (a surgical cut to widen the vaginal canal) 48–60 hours, whereas a C-section is.

Apr 18, 2018 · Vaginal tissues are soft and flexible, but if delivery occurs rapidly or with excessive force, those tissues can tear. In most cases, lacerations are minor and easily repaired. Occasionally, they Author: The Healthline Editorial Team.