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Patty Patches is a doll made of white cotton fabric strips. She is wearing a colorful bonnet, apron with lace and ribbon trim with a patch on the apron. Our rag dolls are made just as the original colonial versions were, therefore they are all different. All photos are representative, therefore the doll you receive may not be exactly as the photo.

Jul 17, 2014 · Tie a knot on the end of three of the strips of white strips, and braid about 6ish inches, leaving one side untied. You will tie it after the doll comes together, and you see how long you want the arms to be. Place 3 strips down on the floor first. This will be the head.Author: Restlessrisa.

A doll made from 18-inch strips produces an eight- to nine-inch-tall doll. Cut 20 strips from the fabric. The strips should be one to two inches wide and about eight inches long. These will become the doll's .