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Dec 06, 2018 · In fact, there are three stages of adulthood that account for your body's changing nutritional needs: early adulthood, middle age and late adulthood. Each of these stages .

Mar 04, 2016 · The stages of adulthood are 'early adulthood', from 18 to 39 years, 'middle age', from 40 to 64, and 'golden years' from 65 onwards. Each stage is a different part a psychosocial development lifespan model proposed by Erik Erikson in the 1900s. It consists of eight stages, with five before 18 years of age, and three after.

The Twelve Stages of the Human Life Cycle. Which stage of life is the most important? Some might claim that infancy is the key stage, when a baby’s brain is wide open to new experiences that will influence all the rest of its later life. Others might argue that it’s adolescence or young adulthood, when physical health is at its peak.