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An adult baby/diaper lover “daycare center” has opened in Montreal. ABDL Montreal is like a professional dungeon but, you know, for adult babies not adult submissives. That means big cribs, not big cages; nappies, not corsets; pacifiers, not gags. You can book anything from a 45 minute visit to an overnight to a three-day immersion.

seattle. rate profile i?am a sales person for mommys-nursery on ebay. we sale adult baby products.??we sale every thing you see in?the pictures?you see below. so click link and come and shop. from?3 inch diaper pins? to? baby bottles with adult nipples and adult diapers cloth as well as disposables.

The Little Baby Boo Nursery is for sweet cuddles and love, while the Black Nursery is for adult babies who need extra discipline. Little Baby Boo Nursery hosts play dates and play parties in the nursery and offers play dates virtually via telephone, messaging, or video chat. Retail space is coming soon.