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Probation Division. The Probation Division, as part of the Judiciary, plays a vital role in accomplishing the mission of the Court. The role of Probation Division is to promote the welfare and safety of children, families and communities in New Jersey by enforcing court orders, supervising offenders, monitoring behavior, and intervening to produce positive outcomes.

The Juvenile Probation Department of the Court of Common Pleas operates under the administrative supervision of President Judge Francis J. Fornelli within the standards established by the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges' Commission. The Juvenile Probation Department receives and investigates all complaints and allegations of delinquency.

County Probation and Parole. Sixty-five of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania operate county adult probation and parole departments. The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (Board) provides all adult probation and parole services in Mercer and Venango Counties.