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Best Dance Classes near you. Read more about local pricing and what to expect in our cost guide. Dance Lessons Cost. Frequently asked questions. How much do dance classes cost? Whether you need to brush up your dance skills or start from scratch, adult dance lessons will cost you about $50 an hour and higher, depending on the skill of the 5/5.

Dance Classes Near Me. Get fit and have fun doing it with an adult dance class near you. There are many dance styles to try: pole dancing fitness classes, hip hop, modern, ballet, and more. Take an entry level class with friends or remember how you felt in dance classes as a child by taking one as an adult.

Learn different Cuban popular and social dances such as Cuban Son, Casino and a lively and fun group dance called Rueda de Casino. Popularly known as “Cuban salsa,” the classes use popular music from the island including Songo, Changüí, Cubaton and Timba.