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Benefits of Journal Writing for Adults with ADHD journal diary adult adhd

My daily rituals start and end with sitting down and writing in my trusty journal, which has helped me weather the ups and downs of living with ADHD.. My journal has its home on the nightstand, anchored with a gel pen (a favorite that glides easily on the page). Some pages are dog-eared, others stained with beverages, and some show doodles that sprang from either boredom or fear.Author: Jane D.

About this journal. Journal of Attention Disorders (JAD) focuses on basic and applied science concerning attention and related functions in children, adolescents, and adults.JAD publishes articles on diagnosis, comorbidity, neuropsychological functioning, psychopharmacology, and psychosocial issues. The journal also addresses practice, policy, and theory, as well as review articles.

Bullet journals, however, might be the perfect solution for people with ADHD, who often don’t have the patience to use traditional journals. The bullet journal’s simple system uses bulleted lists to combine your to-do list, daily diary, and long-term calendar into one straightforward system that’s easy to update, understand, and adapt to Author: Devon Frye.