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Can You Claim a Disabled Person on Your IRS Income Tax? | Pocketsense irs rules on disabled adult dependents

Claiming Dependents If the disabled adult meets the criteria for you to claim her as a dependent, either as a qualifying child or qualifying relative, you must file your taxes with either Form 1040A or Form 1040. On either return, on line 6, column 1, report the person's name. In column 2, report the person's Social Security number.

The TCJA offers the Family Tax Credit for dependents over age 16. Your dependent does not have to be your child. She can be your parent, sibling, or cousin—or not be related to you at all. She must meet all the other Internal Revenue Service qualifying rules for adult dependents, however.

If you have a disabled dependent living with you, either a minor or a qualifying adult, you may be able to claim that person on your taxes. However, the dependent will need to meet the IRS's rules, which means they can't earn above a certain income and they must meet the IRS's requirements.