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Individuals with a diagnosis of chronic daily headache experience at least 15 headache days in 1 month for 3 consecutive months and show no additional signs of underlying organic pathology. This headache disorder tends to affect teenagers and adults more so than preteens. It can occur in up to 4% of young women and up to 2% of young men.

Apr 10, 2014 · Most healthy teenagers and young adults get at least one headache every year. These are usually different in severity to the headaches an adult might experience so they can often go unnoticed by parents or healthcare professionals. A teenage headache can start off suddenly and can bring with it feelings of nausea and tiredness. This [ ].

Nov 14, 2012 · INTRODUCTION. NICE has developed guidelines on management of primary headache disorders in young people and adults. 1 The guideline is intended for non-specialist use, particularly for use in primary care where the majority of headaches can be safely diagnosed and managed. Four per cent of adults have a primary care consultation for headache per year 2 but GPs lack confidence in Cited by: 62.