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Nov 17, 2016 · The one and only time I ever pooped myself as an adult I can blame on my roommates. I started to feel a little rumble in my stomach. I walked down the hall to the one bathroom shared by the 7 people living in my apartment. There was someone in there, but it's cool, I can feel I still have time.

Jan 08, 2016 · A couple of years ago I had a terrible case of the flu and I ran to the toilet to throw up, but simultaneously pooped my pants on accident, too. —Matilda*, 23. When you thought it was just a fart Author: Candice Jalili.

I withheld a fecal explosion on the NYC subway from 210th Street to Columbus Circle, sweating like a terrorist. I told myself that if I let my bowels go I would get out at the next subway station and throw myself on the tracks, and put an end to the painful physical and emotional blows of such indignity to the gut.