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FXA Softball is one of the largest Co-ed & Men’s Adult Slow-Pitch Softball Leagues in Northern Virginia averaging over 55 teams each season. We offer full team, small group, and individual registrations for our Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. ALL LEAGUES NOW OFFERING DOUBLEHEADER GAMES.

Premier Co-ed Sports Slow-Pitch Softball Rules. Official ASA Co-ed playing rules will be used except where changes are noted in these rules. I. The Playing Field 1A. Umpire will designate a field suitable for play in accordance with the following provisions which equal the dimensions of a softball field: a. The softball diamond is a square with.

PLAY SOFTBALL NOW! Fairfax Adult Softball (FAS) administers the best and largest adult softball program in Northern Virginia and offers both team and individual (free agent) registration for three seasons of softball: Spring, Summer and Fall.